Terms and Conditions of Sale


    • When you confirm your booking by paying a booking fee you are entering into a contract between you, the visitor and Riverside Log Cabins Ltd.
    • Bookings made through our online booking system are provisional until confirmed by ourselves in writing.
    • If a booking is made within 48 hours of arrival you must phone 01764 685310 and confirm your booking with the office manager. Failure to do so could result in the cabin not being available when you arrive.
    • An initial £100 (Cabin without Hot Tub) or £200 (Cabin with Hot Tub) non-refundable deposit is due on booking.
    • Bookings made within 42 days require full payment at time of booking.


  • If the visitor cancels a confirmed booking within 42 days of the start of the holiday, he/she remains liable for the full cost of the holiday. Upon receipt of written confirmation of the cancellation from the visitor, the owners will try to re-let the property and if successful will make a refund to the visitor less the booking fee and any other cost involved in the re-letting. It is therefore advisable for the visitor to take out insurance against the possibility of cancellation.
  • Provisional bookings will be held for 24 hours pending receipt of deposit after which the provisional booking will be cancelled.


Letting Conditions

  • The letting period is from 16.00 hours on the day of arrival until 10.00 hours on the day of departure.
  • The number of persons occupying a cabin must not exceed the maximum occupancy level stated (which is six, not counting babies in cots). Additional overnight visitors are not permitted unless agreed beforehand in writing.
  • Sub-letting or assignation of the let is strictly prohibited.
  • The accommodation rented should be kept clean and in good condition and any breakages reported immediately. If excessive cleaning is required a cleaning charge will be levied.
  • We require the majority of the party to be aged 25 or over this excludes couples and children.  If you give false information in relation to the makeup of your grouping then your booking will be cancelled and no refund will be given. We are a Family Park and therefore if your group consists of a single sex party we would ask you to contact us to discuss your numbers.  
  • The properties let by Riverside Log Cabins Ltd. are to be used for the purposes of a holiday let to which Section 12(2) and paragraph 8 of Schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 apply. The booking agreement confers a right to occupy the accommodation for the agreed period only.


  • Towels can be hired at the cost of £5.00 per person per week. A cot and high chair can be hired at £7.00 each per let. Electricity is charged at 13p/KwH and electricity charges should be paid before departure. If electricity charges are not paid before departure an administration fee of £30 will be added to cover the costs of collection. It is the responsibility of the visitor to ensure that payment for electricity is made at the end of the let.
  • We welcome pets at Riverside Log Cabins. The charge is £25 per dog per week and £13.50 per short break. Pets should not be left unattended in the cabin and should be kept on a leash, and under control at all times when on the grounds.


  • Smoking of any type (cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, e Cigarettes etc.) is not permitted in the Cabins.
  • If for any reason the accommodation is not available to the visitor on the dates booked due to events beyond our reasonable control, Riverside Log Cabins Ltd. will take reasonable steps to find alternative accommodation. If suitable accommodation is not available then all monies paid by the visitor will be refunded. Riverside Log Cabins Ltd. will have no further liability to the visitor or any other party.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to hand over the accommodation to anyone who, in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge of the property. In any such case all moneys will be refunded and the contract terminated without further liability. We also reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time or to remove any person or persons due to unreasonable behaviour, damage to property, or causing or likely to cause annoyance or offence to other guests. In such cases of termination of the contract, any refund would be at the discretion of Riverside Log Cabins Ltd.
  • We will always try provide the cabin requested however, reserve the right to change the cabin at any time before arrival. If guests wish to guarantee that they will be in a particular cabin this can be arranged for a fee of £30.
  • On rare occasions we reserve the right to enter a cabin during a let to effect repairs or where pets have been left unattended and we are concerned for their welfare or for damages they might cause.

Adverse Travel Conditions/Weather

  • The proprietor shall not be liable to the Client for any temporary defects or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, nor in respect of any equipment, machinery or appliance in the property or for any loss, damage or injury, which is the result of adverse, weathers, conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters beyond their control.

Hot Tub use and Conditions

  • Documentation providing instructions for Hot Tub use is provided in the Cabins.  Please follow these instructions as failure to do so will result in you having a poorer experience. If you fail to follow the proper guidelines a cost can be incurred if extra cleaning or maintenance is required.  
  • The Clients use of a Hot Tub is at their own risk.
  • The Hot Tubs are tested every day and if you have contaminated the Tub through use of alcohol, spray tan or any other fluids you will be advised by our staff.  
  • Hot Tubs are not to be used after 11pm.
  • Plastic Glasses are provided for Hot Tub use. No glass or glass bottles are permitted in the Hot Tub area. In the event of staff finding glass we have to assume that there is glass in the Hot Tub and clean it to remove glass. This will result in a substantial deduction from security deposit. If guests use fake tan and have discoloured water, the water will not be changed.
  • We will endeavour to have your Hot Tub at an optimum temperature on the night of your arrival.   At times this may not be possible due to maintenance, cleaning and fresh water being required before you arrive.  Each day, your hot tub will be checked and chemically tested however, it will not be refilled if there has been evidence of excessive misuse.   
  • The water levels will diminish if the Hot Tub is used by too many people at the one time.  The Hot Tubs are designed for no more than 6 people at any one time. Please use the Hot Tub responsibly and always put the lid back on to keep heat in after you have finished using it.

Insurance/ Personal Property

  • As well as cancellation and curtailment insurance, clients are recommended to take out holiday insurance to cover loss or damage to personal effects.
  • Vehicles, accessories and contents are left at their owner’s risk.
  • The proprietors will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any injury to persons not caused through the fault of the proprietor.
  • Personal property of visitors occupying accommodation is not the responsibility of Riverside Log Cabins Ltd.


  • Riverside Log Cabins is continually growing and developing. We will do our utmost to minimise the disruption at all times. However, there will be no compensation or refund in relation to development consisting of maintenance work being carried out.